What's up with the horrible implementation?
Hotel wifi and wired are both paid now. We paid for wired, don't want to pay for wifi, and are on the elevator side so we can't even beam our own wifi down. If we can get wifi to route to us, paid or unpaid, it'll be fixed.
It's full. You suck.
Repeater is up for a few more listeners.
Souseiseki radio, DJed by Toshiaki. What a bunch of weeaboos.
DJ posts on Nijiura semiregularly and thus is far more qualified than any -other- white guy at AWA assuming a Japanese name. Radio name itself is referential to Suigintou radio, which is a major inspiration; Sou is the only doll that's not horrible annoying that's unclaimed for internet radio, and there's a bunch of inane secondary puns.
Your schedule sucks! It's wrong! What the hell even is this crap?
Saturday afternoon live is already cancelled, and Friday night "2D Bar Blue Star" was pushed to 26:00 due to elevators (also extended run tomorrow night). Saturday Roadshow will be a dramatic production of some sort played voice-only, to be decided shortly before start time based on how much Toshiaki wants a lawsuit.

LAME MESSAGE BOARD IS LAME, but if you wanna make requests it's all you get.